Total Connections 2009 – Website and Catalogue Management Overview

Total Connections 2009 LTD was founded in 2009, to supply bespoke quality copper products to the electrical industry. They work with some of industry’s leading names, such as Airbus, McLaren and Jaguar.

MJD IT Solutions Ltd was approached to re-build the existing website, which was in basic form (having been built with a simple ‘template’ application) with little content.

The main objectives were to re-build the site to promote the company’s product range, while increasing their presence on the internet from a search engine perspective.

The site was re-launched in March 2016. Engineering Director Ross Davies said:

“We realised our existing website was too basic; it needed proper time and expertise that we were unable to put into it ourselves, being too busy with our core business. We are very pleased with the website Martyn has designed for us! We enjoyed working with Martyn and will be using him again soon for the next round of website enhancements, to help expand our presence on the internet.

We like to believe that the new website matches our ambitions – to be a manufacturer of quality copper products for the electrical industry.”

Catalogue Management Interface

As well as the ‘new-look’ website, a key technical requirement was the ability for company staff to add and update the product listings. Working closely with the customer MJD IT Solutions designed and developed a ‘catalogue administration’ interface, enabling users to carry out key activities such as:

  • create and update category and product definitions
  • link categories and products to each other
  • upload and link supporting images and additional documents

Although designed to include the customer’s specific requirements, MJD IT Solutions developed the interface to be as generic and adaptable as possible to suit other project requirements with minimal change.

The interface is a ‘web-based’ solution, built using HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery and PHP. Data is managed using a MYSQL database.

Use this link to download a more detailed overview of the ‘Catalogue Administration Interface’.

For more general information about TotalConnections2009 and to see their website visit Total Connections 2009.