Recent Projects

Here are some examples of organisations we have successfully worked with:

Zephalopod ROI Calculator - selling online more efficiently

Selling Online

'Zephalopod' is an online retailer that buys products wholesale from suppliers and sells them on Amazon's European marketplaces.

The project objective was to build an application that takes a supplier's catalogue, then quickly and efficiently identifies the products giving the best return on investment.

For more information, take a look at the Zephalopod Online Retail ROI Calculator Case Study



WIRAG is a team of highly experienced business experts who evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a new internet-based business idea.

The project comprised a new website and underlying functionality to:

  • take customer payments (using Paypal APIs)
  • capture the essence of a business idea using an online questionnaire

In addition, we built an administration application enabling WIRAG to manage customer data, track payments and review/score a business idea, keeping the customer informed throughout the whole process using automated email functionality.

Take a look at the WIRAG Case Study

Total Connections 2009 Ltd

Total Connections 2009 Ltd

Total Connections 2009 LTD was founded in 2009, to supply bespoke quality copper products to the electrical industry.

The broad requirements were to build a new website to advertise the company's product range, plus design and develop a comprehensive 'Catalogue Management Interface' to enable staff to automatically post product details onto the website.

Visit Total Connections 2009.

Also take a look at the Total Connections 2009 Case Study.

Other Website Development Projects:

JMC Marketing

JMC Marketing and Business Development is a Marketing & Business Development consultancy, servicing small businesses located in the Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire areas.

JMC's requirements were to build a simple but well optimised website, with the capability to post articles and blogs.

Visit JMC Marketing and Business Development.

Cities and Collaboration

Cities and Collaboration (C&CO) was founded in 2015. Their mission is to 'help cities collaborate to generate economic growth' by 'empowering collaboration between cities by providing innovative solutions that make joining forces easy'.

Visit Cities and Collaboration.

Griffin Eleectrics

'Griffin Electrics' is an electricial contractor based in Portishead, North Somerset.

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Also take a look at the Griffin Electrics Case Study.